Have you been moved by situations of poverty but don’t know how to respond? Volunteering at Crossroads Global Village (UK) is one way you can line up your skills with your desire to make a difference in a broken world.

As our name suggests, our goal is to be a ‘crossroads’ between people in need and people who can help. We serve people here in the UK and around the world. The work is huge, but with many hands we can get it done!  That’s why we’d like to hear from people with a heart for volunteering.

You may have some questions:

I am a student/specialist, how can I volunteer with Crossroads Global Village (UK)?

  • Are you a UK resident? You can volunteer at our office (near Manchester), or remotely (volunteering online).
  • Are you an overseas resident? If you would like to come to the UK to volunteer, we would be glad to speak with you. You would, however, need to cover the cost of your visa, housing and other expenses. (CGV UK will provide lunch during office days and we may be able to help you look for a room to rent near the office.)

How could I volunteer remotely for Crossroads Global Village (UK)?

  • You can work online wherever you are. (In fact, while we can take a few volunteers in our office, our greatest need is for remote volunteers!) Your work, depending on your skillset, could include humanitarian/development research, data entry, email support for those using our services, design, PR, admin, fair trade sourcing. (Full list below.) There’s plenty for all!

Who can volunteer?

  • We take volunteers aged 18 -100 as long as you are fluent in English and computer competent. Students (gap year or other), professionals who can spare a little time, retirees who still have energy. We have people from all ages and stages of life in the Crossroads family. If so and if you care about a world in need, we’d love to have you on board!

How long a commitment would I need to make to Crossroads Global Village (UK)?

We are pretty flexible. We have tasks for those who prefer:

  • Short-term (minimum 2 weeks) or long term (minimum 6 months).
  • Full time (9:30 – 4:30 daily) or part time (a few days per week or an hour you can spare here or there.)

Would I be paid?

  • No, sorry. We can’t provide you with a salary! It truly is a volunteer position. If you’re happy to do it for the love of it, though, do let us know!

What would I do as a volunteer?
In the UK, we need people with:

  • communications / PR skills: fundraising, public speakers, designers, grant writers, designers with layout skills…
  • administration skills: data-entry, emails, book-keepers, PAs, project managers…
  • IT and computer skills: web designers (WordPress, PHP, Ruby on Rails, JavaScript)…
  • retail skills: sellers and buyers for our fair trade products…
  • acting skills: cast members for our interactive theatre simulations of world needs…
  • shipping/logistics experience: supporting humanitarian shipping…

Interested? Want to learn more? Email us at enquiries@crossroadsglobalvillage.org.uk


PS Do you have any other offices abroad where I can volunteer?

Yes. Our headquarters are in Hong Kong and we take volunteers there too. More information at: https://www.crossroads.org.hk/home/connect/volunteer/ Or email: enquiries@crossroads.org.hk

Student internships in Hong Kong

Applications for summer internships now open!

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Student Internships in Hong Kong

Applications for summer internships now open!


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