Bracelet - Midnight Solace 3 strands - Eden

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Freshwater Pearls, Quartz, Onyx, Magnetic Clasp, 7″L X 1.25″W

Lured to the big cities by the prospect of finding a job to support their extended families, many young women in Asia instead find themselves led into prostitution by deceit, coercion, or desperation. They are then trapped by the lack of sufficient education, job skills, and familial connections needed to break free. They lose hope for a different way of life, suffering physically and emotionally from the struggles they face daily. Eden formed as an outreach to these trapped women, offering them shelter, protection, medical assistance and skills training as a way to lift them out of their imprisoning circumstances. Women learn various job skills including making handicrafts, allowing them to find a new start in life. Your purchase allows this work to continue, bringing new life and hope to women in Asia.

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