Corporate Partnerships

We are delighted when companies and non-profits ask us to run our simulation x-periences on global issues they care about. Mid-year, for example, we were glad to offer Struggle for Survival to Facebook UK, together with other companies and non-profits. Here is a sampling of their feedback:

“This is unlike anything else! It strips you of your ego and grounds you. And it opens your mind!”

“You experience a taste of poverty rather than just being told about it.”

“Incredible experience that brought some of the issues of poverty into stark reality.”

“A totally humbling experience that has given me a ‘smack in the face’ reality check: a real appreciation for people’s daily, weekly and infinite struggles.”

“An incredibly interesting, immersive, scary insight into what 1 billion people go through every day.”

“It showed me how complex the issue is. I will be less judgmental and more aware.”

“Real life, hands on experience of what it’s like to be caught in poverty: contrasts very strongly with the life I will go home to, tonight.”

“Tougher than I expected. Yet everybody can help: small and big players.”

“You realise how quickly your humanity can be stripped away from you.”

“Working for a global humanitarian agency, I have knowledge of the refugee crisis yet was still blown away by the power and potential impact of this session.”

“Had a profound effect on me… A small glimpse into the world of people living in poverty and the desperation they face and the fact we can all help!”

“As a father of two young children, it is heartbreaking to think of the awful situations that exist in the world.”

“Really drove home the desperation of poverty.”


Crossroads Global Village UK