Find ways you can make a difference in a global village that needs you.

Donate Goods/Services

Strategically donated goods or pro bono provision of services/expertise can be very empowering for NGOs. Click here.


We can use remote volunteers as well as those who can work in our offices, part time or full time. Click here.

Book an X-perience

Deepen your understanding by taking a few steps ‘in the shoes’ of people facing poverty, hunger, cross cultural challenges, blindness and more. We use interactive theatre techniques to simulate global challenges. Want us to bring a programme to your event or your organisation? Write! Call! We’re keen! Read more.

Donate Money

Even a small donation can help change lives. Click here. 

Engage Students

If you are a student, or a teacher, feel free to get inspired by booking an x-perience of global need, support the sale of our fair trade products or volunteer! Click here.

Explore Corporate Social Responsibility

If your company or organisation is interested in furthering your Corporate Social Responsibility focus, you may like to book an ‘x-perience’ of global issues as a team build. You might also like to volunteer your expertise. Click here.

Support Fair Trade

Empower people in poverty by buying fair trade products. Click here.

Contact us here.

Crossroads Global Village UK

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